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hello, im geo. i just joined. im pretty sure no one will ever see this post, but hey! its worth a shot haha ive been a NxD fan since '95 (yes, im a tragic kingdom baby) and just recently (and i mean REAL recent) i got their beacon street collection and self titled albums. now all i need to do is browse through youtube for their old school stuff haha my favorite album of theirs is obviously TK (in fact its my favorite album ever) and my favorite song is Spdierwebs (its awesome that this comm. is named after it) i saw them only once, and that was this past summer for their comeback tour. xD i died that night when i went to bed. well, hopefully some of you guys come back, the last post was made 4 years ago :o and i hope to make some friends on here, we all have something in commong :D
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