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hey... just joined. i'm nicole, 15 from NY... obviously im a no doubt fan.. i have been for quite a while. i've seen them 3 times in concert (with the distillers and garbage in oct 2002 at nassau colliseum, with hot hot heat at hammerstein feb 2003 and was right up front for it!, and with the living end (though i missed them cuz of traffic) and blink-182 in june 04 at PNC bank arts center in NJ (was right behind the sound booth and got one of their setlists :-D). fav nd cd... return of saturn and tragic kingdom. other music: garbage, hot hot heat, catch22, green day, dynamite boy, radiohead, foo fighters, the vines, the shins and a lot more... um, thats just a bit about me.. i'll post again soon!
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