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hey baby!

hey-- im new here. my name is Jenny, i joined this community bc i love nodoubt / gwen to death. i think she is so0o0o talented and pretty!! does anyone kno what kind/color of dye i could buy to get her hair color?!

oh yea... and where to they sell L.A.M.B stuff?! i kno that nordstroms, and macys carry it, but ive called a bunch of them and none of them have l.a.m.b stuff in stock :( i wanna get the small hella hobo bag, in that pretty pastel design color ;)

so yea... anyway, i love making new friends, so if anyone wants to add me, to talk, or tell no doubt stories (i kno i have a few) please do! cuz ill def add yall back!
xooxox ---Jenny
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